Perhaps Michael A. Bozzuto, CEO of Bozzuto's Inc. and founder of The Dream Ride Experience, said it best: "Dream Ride has become a dream for everybody." Since 2001, the Dream Ride began simply as an optimistic vision – a passionate hope for the future of those in our community living with intellectual disabilities. Armed with a vivid dream, Michael Bozzuto created the The Hometown Foundation, Inc. and established it as the central support system for his goals. Dream Ride came into fruition – its ultimate motive being to shed light on the countless abilities of the intellectually disabled community.

With a humble total of twelve motorcycles revving their engines, a dream took shape, and The Dream Ride Experience began its movement. Eighteen years later––thanks to the passion, hope and dedication of his entire company and the community––"The Dream Ride Experience" has evolved into the largest philanthropic endeavor sponsored by Bozzuto's Inc. and The Hometown Foundation, Inc. Over the course of the years, thousands have joined the mission and helped make an impact on so many people's lives. Since its inception, The Dream Ride Experience has donated over $7.7 million to support Special Olympics